Larman Clamour

New album “Beetle Crown & Steel Wand” // album cover artwork and tracklisting


Friends of the Clamor, it is that time of the year again to annouce a new album!
The musical journey continues with “Beetle Crown & Steel Wand”, Larman Clamor’s 5th album.
There is no fixed release date as of yet, but it will most likely be out on the mighty fine
Small Stone Records this fall or near the end of 2014. Let the chips fall where they may and
let the spirits speed my hands to get the artwork done.

In the meantime, here you all have a peek at the album cover and the tracklisting.
Feel free to spread the good news.

Larman Clamor

Beetle Crown & Steel Wand
1. Beetle Crown & Steel Wand
2. My Lil’ Ghost
3. Eggs In The Sand
4. Wilderness, Wilderness
5. We Shine Alright
6. Caravan Of Ghouls
7. Tangerine Nightfall
8. Alter Yer Ways
9. Bleak Heart’s Night Waltz
10. Drone Monger
11. Aurora Snarling
13. Her Majesty, The Mountain
13. She Was Born A Sorceress

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